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Glorieta Kickoff: Session 1, Schedule 1.3

Teams listed here will attend the kickoff conference on October 21st and 22nd, and follow Schedule 1.3.

Schools: Newcomb, Picacho, Sandia Prep, Silver, Thoreau, Wingate

Total Students: 50


Team#	Login Name      Real Name               School

63	ch063ajs	ALLANCESON J SMITH 	Newcomb High
	ch063rrj	REGINA R JOE		Newcomb High
	ch063sjm	SHEENA J MARTIN		Newcomb High

64	ch064kxb	KENDRICK BROWN		Newcomb High
	ch064lec	LEORHONDA E CHARLEY	Newcomb High
	ch064lxm	LUCINDA MARTIN		Newcomb High

65	ch065clj	CANDACE L JOHNSON	Newcomb High
	ch065lch	LEIGHANNE C HERRERA	Newcomb High
	ch065nln	NICOLE L NEZ		Newcomb High

66	ch066aeg	AMANDA E GUITAR		Picacho Middle School
	ch066cxs	CYNTHIA SERNA		Picacho Middle School
	ch066lah	LINDSEY A HOFFMAN	Picacho Middle School
	ch066sma	STEPHANIE M ASH		Picacho Middle School

67	ch067djo	DAVID J OLGUIN		Picacho Middle School
	ch067jah	JAMES A HAWK		Picacho Middle School
	ch067jam	JAKE A MAYA		Picacho Middle School
	ch067jba	JEFFREY B ADAY		Picacho Middle School

68	ch068bps	BRENDAN P SULLIVAN	Picacho Middle School
	ch068cws	COLE W SALOPEK		Picacho Middle School
	ch068rwl	REESE W LUCKIE		Picacho Middle School
	ch068sat	SEAN A TURNER		Picacho Middle School

71	ch071asg	ARNE S GOLDSWORTHY	Sandia Prep
	ch071sas	SEAN A SEHR		Sandia Prep

88	ch088ddl	DIA D LEWIS		Silver High
	ch088lww	LAUREN W WEBB		Silver High

91	ch091hmm	HEATHER M MENZER	Silver High
	ch091rfa	REBECCA F ASHTON	Silver High

92	ch092rch	RHIANNON C HOUCH	Silver High
	ch092rmg	RUBEN M GUADIANA	Silver High

93	ch093dwr	DAVIN W RICHARDSON	Silver High
	ch093mdt	MONTE D TOPMILLER	Silver High

94	ch094adw	ARIEL D WALLIN		Silver High
	ch094rxs	RYAN SCHNALZER		Silver High

96	ch096jfd	JOHANNES F DOMKE	Silver High
	ch096tfb	THEO F BERGENTHAL	Silver High

102	ch102eas	EMILY A STONEBARGER	Thoreau High

111	ch111blb	BERNADETTE L BEGAY	Wingate High
	ch111cna	CHRISTINA N ARTHUR	Wingate High
	ch111exa	ERROL ALBERT		Wingate High
	ch111tmb	TYRELL M BENALLY	Wingate High
	ch111vkc	VINA K CHAVEZ		Wingate High

112	ch112exg	ERICA GARCIA		Wingate High
	ch112fjc	FERDERICK J COLELAY	Wingate High
	ch112gxe	GILBERT ETCITTY		Wingate High
	ch112lxd	LEANDER DAWES		Wingate High
	ch112lxe	LORNEL ETCITTY		Wingate High

113	ch113ggh	GARRETT G HALE		Wingate High
	ch113hxg	HARIETTE GREEN		Wingate High
	ch113jxg	JOSHUA GORMAN		Wingate High
	ch113jxh	JENNIFER HALONA		Wingate High
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