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Glorieta Kickoff: Session 2, Schedule 2.2

Teams listed here will attend the kickoff conference on October 22nd and 23rd, and follow Schedule 2.2.

Schools: Albuquerque Academy, Cuba, Espanola, Highland, Los Alamos, Santa Fe

Total Students: 49

Students with a * are Track III students: 10 total


Team#	Login Name      Real Name               School

6	ch006cnw	CHARLES N WHITEHEAD	Albuquerque Academy
	ch006cpd	CHARLES P DELL		Albuquerque Academy
	ch006eas	ERIC A SEARLE		Albuquerque Academy
	ch006zal	ZACH A LABRY		Albuquerque Academy *

7	ch007amm	ALEXIS M MACLENNAN	Albuquerque Academy
	ch007mlm	MEGHAN L MCHENRY	Albuquerque Academy *

8	ch008dxb	DAVID BIZZOZERO		Albuquerque Academy
	ch008mdm	MATT D MEHNE		Albuquerque Academy
	ch008sjs	SEAN J SMOCK		Albuquerque Academy
	ch008tgh	TYLER G HICKS-WRIGHT	Albuquerque Academy *

9	ch009jdl	JOSHUA D LANGSFELD	Albuquerque Academy
	ch009mxs	MATT STRANGE		Albuquerque Academy
	ch009pmb	PAUL M BOYLE		Albuquerque Academy
	ch009rdm	RYAN D MCGOWAN		Albuquerque Academy
	ch009smb	SHAUN M BALLOU		Albuquerque Academy

25      ch025aas        APRIL A SORROW          Cuba High
        ch025cjv        CARLOS J VIGIL          Cuba High
        ch025gam        GREG A MONDRAGON        Cuba High
        ch025mgg        MATTHEW G GARCIA        Cuba High
        ch025mtm        MEGAN T MORALES         Cuba High

26      ch026alm        ADRIAN L MONTOYA        Cuba High
        ch026ars        ANITA R SALAZ           Cuba High
        ch026axr        AUDREY RAFAEL           Cuba High
        ch026nxt        NANNETTE TOLEDO         Cuba High

28      ch028alt        ANGEL L TOLEDO          Cuba High
        ch028alt        ANNALENE L THOMAS       Cuba High
        ch028can        CHADLEY A NEZ           Cuba High

29      ch029axv        ANITA VALLIJOS          Espanola High
        ch029dxm        DAVID MARTINEZ          Espanola High
        ch029vjm        VANESSA J MONTOYA       Espanola High

33	ch033dss	DAWUD S SHAKIR		Highland High *
	ch033yxs	YOUSEF SHAKIR		Highland High

43	ch043azw	ALBERT Z WANG		Los Alamos High *
	ch043ddh	DANIEL D HEMPHILL	Los Alamos High *
	ch043mbh	MICHAEL B HOISIE	Los Alamos High *
	ch043jxh	JAMES HEMSING		Los Alamos High *

72	ch072srt	SAYALI R TAVARE		Santa Fe High *

73	ch073abb	ARLEN B BEERS-GREEN	Santa Fe High
	ch073lxt	LINDA TARANGO		Santa Fe High
	ch073smt	SARAH M TAYLOR		Santa Fe High

75	ch075alc	ANGELO L CHAVEZ		Santa Fe High
	ch075amc	ALEX M CLEMMER		Santa Fe High
	ch075mxa	MILJEN ALJINOVIC	Santa Fe High
	ch075sxe	SEENA EFTEKHARI		Santa Fe High
	ch075sxp	SITKI POLAT		Santa Fe High

80	ch080cbc	CALEB B CRAWFORD	Santa Fe High *
	ch080cbw	CODY B WOOD		Santa Fe High
	ch080csp	CHRIS S PARKER		Santa Fe High
	ch080kxe	KYLE EVERETT		Santa Fe High
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