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Glorieta Kickoff: Session 2, Schedule 2.3

Teams listed here will attend the kickoff conference on October 22nd and 23rd, and follow Schedule 2.3.

Schools: Cuba, Freedom, Santa Fe, SW Secondary, West Las Vegas

Total Students: 50


Team#	Login Name      Real Name               School

27      ch027dtm        DANIEL T MAY            Cuba High
        ch027jmr        JASMINE M REGAN         Cuba High
        ch027mco        MARCIE C ORTEGA         Cuba High
        ch027mjl        MICHAEL J LEWIS         Cuba High
        ch027mlt        MANDY L TOLEDO          Cuba High

31	ch031ajw	ABNER J WILLIAMSON	Freedom High
	ch031ble	BREANNE L ERIKSEN	Freedom High
	ch031jaj	JOCELYN A JACKSON	Freedom High
	ch031sjj	STEPHANIE J JOHNSON	Freedom High

74	ch074eao	ELIAS A ORTIZ		Santa Fe High
	ch074jlc	JENNIFER L CROSS	Santa Fe High
	ch074mel	MARCOS E LOPEZ		Santa Fe High
	ch074mrm	MEADE R MORGAN		Santa Fe High

76	ch076ael	AMANDA E LO		Santa Fe High
	ch076jel	JASON E LOWRY		Santa Fe High
	ch076mag	MICHAEL A GOMEZ		Santa Fe High
	ch076tdg	THOMAS D GONZALES	Santa Fe High

77	ch077ajb	AJAY J BHAKTA		Santa Fe High
	ch077cem	CRUZ E MONTOYA		Santa Fe High
	ch077jpg	JAMES P GOMEZ		Santa Fe High
	ch077mrh	MICHAEL R HEATH		Santa Fe High
	ch077web	WESLEY E BURTRAM	Santa Fe High

98	ch098jxc	JULES CARTER		Sw Secondary Learning Center
	ch098rms	RYAN M SIMS		Sw Secondary Learning Center

99	ch099asm	ASHLEY S MAC KENZIE	Sw Secondary Learning Center
	ch099kkh	KEZIA K HOLDRIDGE	Sw Secondary Learning Center

100	ch100mej	MATTHEW E JIRON		Sw Secondary Learning Center
100	ch100mgl	MATTHEW G LUCERO	Sw Secondary Learning Center

106	ch106ceb	CHRISTINA BARAJAS	West Las Vegas High
	ch106lam	LAKERSHA A MARTINEZ	West Las Vegas High
	ch106mlb	MARGARET L BARRAZA	West Las Vegas High

107	ch107acs	AMANDA C SALAS		West Las Vegas High
	ch107blm	BRANDEN L MAESTAS	West Las Vegas High
	ch107cel	CHRISTINA E LEYBA 	West Las Vegas High
	ch107mfr	MARIO F RIVERA		West Las Vegas High

108	ch108cda	CRYSTAL D ATENCIO	West Las Vegas High
	ch108ecu	ESTEVAN C URIOSTE	West Las Vegas High
	ch108grp	GARY R PADILLA		West Las Vegas High
	ch108gsl	GAVINO S LESPERANCE	West Las Vegas High
	ch108vem	VERONICA E MARTINEZ	West Las Vegas High

109	ch109fsf	FELIX S FLORES		West Las Vegas High
	ch109jje	JULIET J ESCOVEDO	West Las Vegas High
	ch109tcs	TOMAS C SENA		West Las Vegas High
	ch109knm	KRISTY MARTINEZ		West Las Vegas High
	ch109lij	LORRAINE JOHNSON	West Las Vegas High

110	ch110aam	ANDREA A MEDINA		West Las Vegas High
	ch110cll	CONSUELO L LUCERO	West Las Vegas High
	ch110mab	MICHAEL A BACA		West Las Vegas High
	ch110pxs	PETER SENA		West Las Vegas High
	ch110jts	JOCELYN SANCHEZ		West Las Vegas High
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