AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 004

School Name: Alamogordo High School

Area of Science: Population Dynamics

Project Title: Put Project Title Here



In our project we are going to calculate the popultion growth for any country in a year chosen by the user. In order to do this we have an input statement that lets the user input any of the countries given in the program. then the user will pick any year that he or she wants and the program will diplay the3 population in the year chosen by the user.

In order to do this we have put a counter in the program. When the user inputs the year, the program will subtract that year and assiign that to a separate variable called "year2". Also the program uses the case stament to figure out which country you have chosen. When the populatio, and the amount that country's population will grow in a year. When the counter is executed the variable "count" is used as the control variable. Within the counter the accumulator is " population = (population * popgrowth) + population". the variable "popgrowth" is the amount the population grows in one year; it is in a float form.

The counties that can be chossen are: Austraila, Argentina, Brazil, China, Eygpt, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mexico, United States, and the United kingdom. We intend to add more counries but this is as far as we have gotten.

Our program works with many case statments. In order to pick a country you must enter the letter next to it. When you do the program will ask you what year you would like to know the population of that country. After you enter the year it subtracts that year from 2001 and assigns it to a variable called "year2". Also sfter you enter the year the year the country searches the case statements for the letter you have chossen. Example: if enter "A" when the program asked you for a country than the program will go the case statement that says "Case A:". Once it finds your statement the programe assingns the variable "popgrowth". Then it enters the "while" loop. The while loop executes as long as "count" is less than or equal to "Year2", ad count goes up by increments of oe. Then The program will display the calculation in scientific notation. For example: 1.000005e+8.

Features that we intend to add are: more countrys, the ability to go backward in time toe see the population, The ability to go back to the start of the programe if you want to enter another country, and eliminate the scientific notation in the output.

That is how our program will work. We obtained most of our information from the CIA world fact book on the internet

Daniel Hansen
Derek Eichin
Jason Hirsch
Shaun Gibson

Albert Simon

Project Mentor(s)