AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 015

School Name: Bernalillo High School

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: Basketball



Physics of Basketball

The problem our group is trying to solve is how much force it takes to score a shot from various on the court. this will help athelits in the future as far as knowing how much force to put into a shot. This type of project will help basketball players able to score more frequently and have deadly accuracy on the court.

Were going to solve this problem by gathering equations and information on vectors, gravity, and force. Having these various equations will enable us to impliment all the things needed to shoot a shot at the perfect angle with correct force.

Some equations we will use to solve this problem are
y=ax2+bx+c changed to h=rt2+vt+i
r=1/2 of restraining force
I=initial height of ball

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