AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 017

School Name: Bloomfield High School

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: Black Holes



Our group has chosen to research black holes and various connected theories. Our first step was to gather information, learn about our topic and to begin forming theories of our own. Of course we soon came across the concept of white holes and wormholes. Our project has not been the same since.

We have developed many theories, including what we fondly call the Doughnut Hypothesis. This theory states that since a black hole is, in essence, a mathematical equation, it would be logical to have a reversal of this equation. Now, we know that black holes suck up anything that wanders into its event horizon, but where does all this stuff go? Our conclusion is a white hole. Something that re-circulates the lost energy. It has been theorized that there are Super Massive Black Holes at the center of each galaxy. What if there were white holes forming new galaxies from the energy that the black holes have just acquired? Therefore, as a black hole feeds from the center of one galaxy, a white hole is pumping out the lost matter, and forming its own galaxy. This would satisfy the Law of Conservation of Mass. An unfortunate flaw in this theory is that no astronomer has ever observed a white hole re-circulating this lost energy. But it is also common sense that our world has only seen a fraction of that which is really out there.

We are also in contact with a scientific team who call themselves the Nukers and specialize in researching and locating black holes. We anticipate that they will be most helpful in the semester to come.

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