AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 018

School Name: Bloomfield High School

Area of Science: Artifical Intelligence

Project Title: Revenge of The A.I.



This year we chose to continue working on our Artificial Intelligence project. Our project this year, while not as elaborate as last years endeaver, looks very promising. Allready we have found several map creation tools, and have been working on making the maze that our computerized oponent will be running around in, chasing and avoiding the human player. As far as code we are still persuing several algorithms and we are making the best that we can with the code that we have assembled so far. We have all been working diligently at getting a grip on the Java programming language thus far. Yet the quest for 0 errors in our programming is still few and far between. Many sleepless hours have been and will continue to be spent until our program works flawlessly.

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