AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 021

School Name: Clovis High School

Area of Science: Chemistry/Physics

Project Title: Layin da beats wif molecules



Our project is using the equations given and our knowledge of c++, to find the measurements for:

Force, speed, time, and velocity of 2 given molecules when they collide with each other. Most likely we will begin the process by using water molecules. One of the points of this project is too see what kinds of things happen when the molecules collide. things such as: loss or gain of electrons, distribution of energey, creation of intermolecular bonds, etc.

As of interim the primary source code has been written with two particles moving to or from each other. The code takes into account for the difference in electron charges and the differences in weight. These move only along an (X,Y) axis and the (X,Y,Z) axis will will be crossed soon. A visual help will hopefully been programmed soon also.

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