AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 028

School Name: Cuba High School

Area of Science: Astronmy

Project Title: Orion



There are a variety of pyramids that represents and are symbols to the Orion's Belt. Pyramids point towards the Orion.

The Egyptian Pyramids are the oldest and only surviving member of the ancient wonders. Of the 10 pyramids at Giza, the first three are held in the highest regard. The first, and largest, was erected for the Pharaoh Khufu. Known as the Great Pyramid, it rises about 450 feet (having lost about 30 feet off the top over the years) and covers 13 acres. It's believed to take 100,000 laborers about 20 years to build the mammoth Khufu pyramid, using an estimated 2.3 million blocks. Many scholars think the pyramid shape was an important religious statement for the Egyptians, perhaps symbolizing the slanting rays of the sun. Some speculate the sloping sides were intended to help the soul of the king climb to the sky and join the gods

Our project is about Orion's belt. We as a team have done a variety of research about Orion's belt and the connection with the pyramids. Our group is finding a way to prove that Egyptian pyramids were using Orion's belt as a guide, to build the mammoth structures. Some astronomers theorize that these pyramids were built using the alliance of Orion's belt. The mathematical equation consists of the coordination and the alliance of the stars. (A degree = B degree = C degree)


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