AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 48

School Name: Manzano High School

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: Trajectory of Motorcylce in Air



The purpose of this project is to find the distance that a motorcycle will travel when it is launched off a ramp at a given speed. To do this we are going to use equations of. The things that will change the trajectory of the motorcycle are the speed and mass of the motorcycle, and the ramp angle and length. We will be considering air drag in this project. We are going to make a C++ program that will plot the trajectory of the motorcycle. We have to find the equations of motion and a formula to calculate air drag through different resources before we make the C++ program.

There are several basic skills that we have learned this year that have helped us with this project. We started the school year out by learning basic HTML commands to create websites. We created our own website to illustrate our abilities. Next, we decided to do this project, and we registered in the local and state AiS Challenge websites. After this, we learned basic UNIX commands. We were set up with UNIX accounts, and we learned how to ftp things from school to home. After we learned some UNIX commands, we learned C++ to make our code for our project. We learned C++ by copying previously finished code, and learning what the commands did in the program. These commands included how to create arrays and functions. All of these steps prepared us to write the C++ code for our project.

Our current status on our project right now is pretty good. We have a website that gives the basic information about our project. This information includes our abstract, project definition, some resources. We are working on getting a mathematical model and the formulas of motion on the website. We also have a PowerPoint presentation that basically gives a summary of how we are doing the project. We have part of our C++ code done. We created the portion of the code that plots the vertical height and velocity of the motorcycle. We will add air drag into the code after this.

Our resources include internet sites that have equations of motion. We also used a physics book to get more equations of motion. We also have adults that can help us with our project. Mr. Schum is helping us with the C++ code and many other things. We might also get help from other people who know about trajectory.

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