AiS Challenge Abstract

AiS Challenge Team Interm

Team Number: 053

School Name: Mesa Alta Jounior High

Area of Science: Biology

Project Title: The Population of the Arabian Oryx after itís insert into White Sands New Mexico.


Our Progression:


So far we have done the research about the Oryx, its habitat, its diseases, and what it eats. We havenít found a mentor yet, but weíve been caught up in so much research we havenít had much time to look.


Our Problem:


††††††††††† The New Mexico Game & Fish inserted the Oryx in White Sands the population skyrocketed and we know what the population is today, our problem is we would like to find out how much the population will be in the near future.


Our Solution:


††††††††††† Find or build a mathematical model of the life span, offspring, deaths (natural), deaths (diseases), in a year period. Make a model of it using a spreadsheet, or a program we build that will show the same basic thing.

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