AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 057

School Name: Moriarty High School

Area of Science: Chemistry

Project Title: Managing Alcohol Consumption



Problem Definition

The purpose of our project is to determine if it is posible to manage drinking patterns to avoid alcohol levels that can impair function. If adults that choose to drink alcoholic beverages knew how to better manage their drinking, they could remain in control of their actions, avoid prosecution, and avoid harming themselves and others.

Plan for Solving the Problem

We will write a C++ program to model the elimination and absorption of alcohol to determine the blood alcohol concentration. We expect to come up with guidelines for managing drinking patterns. We plan on using a math model, to help construct a C++ program in order to determine alchol concentration and come up with guidlines for managing drinking patterns.

Progress to Date

Our progress curently is on scheludle. We continue to research and plan. We have found equations for calculating the elimination rate of alcohol. This will be used with the Widmark formula for calculating Blood Alcohol Consentration (BAC) which uses an 'r' factor for the percentage of body weight that absorbs alcohol. We will also include Fitzgerals & Hume's concept of the specific gravity of blood. Our C++ program will use these equations to calculate the BAC for both men and women varying the amount of alcohol consumed, the persons's weight, and the time over which the alcohol was consumed. We will then use this data to help determine how to manage drinking.

Expected Results

We expect that our data will show that it is better to drink alcohol over a longer period of time than to drink it in a short period of time. We expect the results for men and women to be similar.

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