AiS Challenge Team Interim Report

Team Number: 058

School Name: Moriarty High School

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: Space Craft Design

Project Definition

The purpose of our project is to develop a mathematical simulation with the most efficient ratio of fuel to rocket and payload weights in order to accomplish the velocity necessary to send a two-stage rocket into earth's orbit. This is an important concept for space craft design which can be a factor in current national and internation situations, such as preventing terrorism, conducting military operations, and "home defense".

Plan for Solving Our Problem

We will be developing a mathematical model which will be implimented in C++. We will make some simplifying assumptions and use the theory of rocket flight. While solving this problem we will take into consideration the following:

Description of Progress to Date

The majority of our progress has been an extensive amount of research on rocket design and, we have consulted several books and web sites dealing with these issues. We have established a mentor who works at Sandia Labs in the area of computational biology. Her area of expertise is mathematics.

Expected Results

We expect to develop a model that shows the best conditions for a two stage space craft. We plan for the math model made to be accurate and fuctional for the world today. The Earth's present conditions of war and peace may indeed require a program to send space vehicles into orbit for the better good of the country.

Team Members

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