AiS Challenge Interim Report

Team Number: 59

School Name: Moriarty High School

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: Race Corners

Title: The Physics of Racing Area of Science: Physics

Problem Definition

The purpose of our project is to determine the best way to go through a corner in a race course. By "best" we mean in the least time and at the greatest average speed. This problem is important because race car driving can be approached in two different ways. The first is by driving experience and skill and the second is by the principles of physics. The knowledge of the physics of race car driving could give a driver a winning edge over the competition.

Plan to Solve Problem Computationally

Our basic method of solution will be to apply Newton's Laws of Motion using both kinematic and dynamic equations. The lines analyized will be splices of accelerating, braking, and cornering.We will do this by determining the shape of the driving line through the corner. We will determine times for multiple lines and compare the results.

Description of Progress to Date

To date, we have done a great amount of research. We have researched the many equations which can be used for our program. We have already begun on our program.

Expected Results

We expect to determine the best driving line and to also answer the question, "What shape does a corner have to be before the driving line doesn't make any time difference?"

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