AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 094

School Name: Silver High School

Area of Science: Psychology

Project Title: The Hidden World of Dreams



Problem Definition:
In today's world, people face many challenges and problems that they keep buried within themselves. The practice in which individuals do not outlet their feelings creates a discharge of "emotional energy" that is present in one's dreams. The overlooked field of dreams can be used as a process to translate one's feelings, thoughts, and wishes, and can even provide solutions to everyday problems. By inferring upon key elements in dreams, the dreamer will have the ability to truly acknowledge their problems. Recognizing the harmful feelings within an individual is the first step to improving one's mental health. By creating an information database on specific symbols within dreams, people can relate themselves to common problems that will be linked by the research gathered.

Problem Solution:
The process of gathering information will be done through the use of carefully designed surveys that will be distributed though classes at Silver High School. A given number between one and fifteen will classify the teenagers who take the survey according to their identified area of insufficiency. There will be three main categories in which each individual will be placed in according to their area of instability which consist of Social Life, Spiritual Life, and Family Life. The survey will also consist of questions dealing with specific symbols within dreams to see if there is a correlation between certain symbols present in dreams and areas of discontent. If a correlation does exist, the specific symbols will be provided in a program questionnaire to aid in other people's dream life.

Progress to Date:
The group has gathered resources about dreaming and found information on the three areas they intend to research: Social Life, Spiritual Life, and Family Life. This information has been implemented into a survey that has been designed to measure which factor each individual is lacking in, if any. The overall plan has been scoped out to effectively gain data and use it as support or refutation to the hypothesis that events in peoples' lives coincide with symbols in their dreams. The computational program is also being formatted to give the results and facilitate others who wish to gain some information about their dream life as well as their realistic life. Mr. Steve Blake, a science teacher at Silver High, is offering help on the scientific aspect of the project and will be the mentor to the group.

Expected Results:
The group plans to receive 400 surveys evenly male and female. Results of the data will be compared. If a correlation between symbols in dreams and any of the three factors of research are found, a program will be constructed to allow users access to the results of the experiment and gain knowledge to some of their own personal dream symbolism.

Inaccuracy is expected from different phases of the project. The data will not be entirely factual because there is no way to determine if all the data is the truth. Another inconsistency is that the data is based solely on remembrance, which can be distorted or forgotten. This trait is unavoidable as with all research on dreams.

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