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jkraloff2001 (14:01:07): Web ct appears to be on for me
celiaeinhorn (14:01:19): really?
celiaeinhorn (14:01:29): I will go try it
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celiaeinhorn (14:03:31): yes, Jeff it is working.
irene_anne_lee (14:03:49): shall we move this session?
celiaeinhorn (14:04:09): I am not sure it will stay on, but we could try.
irene_anne_lee (14:04:36): Let's stay here for now
celiaeinhorn (14:04:50): OK!
irene_anne_lee (14:05:05): to use voice or not
celiaeinhorn (14:05:32): So far, it is Jeff, Netta, David and me, Irene!
chtvanob (14:05:57): I tried to invite Dale and Pam.
irene_anne_lee (14:05:57): hmmm should we wait a bit?
celiaeinhorn (14:05:58): Jeff, I tried to get into the chats and IE locked up!
celiaeinhorn (14:06:02): so let's stay here
chtvanob (14:06:05): Someone else want to try
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irene_anne_lee (14:06:42): Hi Pam
pamrdoodle2002 (14:06:56): hey ya'll
celiaeinhorn (14:07:15): Pam, Jeff noticed that Web CT is on, but I can't access the Chats, so we will stay here.
pamrdoodle2002 (14:07:43): okay thanks...i will try that later
chtvanob (14:07:54): When I log into webct chat, I'll be on for a while and the site locks up!
irene_anne_lee (14:07:55): for this session we need to look at
irene_anne_lee (14:08:12): I'm keeping it open in another window
pamrdoodle2002 (14:08:22): i'm there
chtvanob (14:08:30): me too
irene_anne_lee (14:08:51): So I wanted to work through problem number 1 with y'all
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irene_anne_lee (14:09:22): I'm a visual thinker and like to see trends as pictures/graphs before thinking of the generating functions
pamrdoodle2002 (14:09:35): this is unit III?
irene_anne_lee (14:09:54): so I thought we could do this together. I do not know the "answers" just thought it would be an interesting investigation
irene_anne_lee (14:09:57): yes unit III
irene_anne_lee (14:10:19): so up above there are a series of graphs
irene_anne_lee (14:10:31): and down below a series of cases
irene_anne_lee (14:10:57): so I guess we could read case a together and discuss which graph we think it would produce
irene_anne_lee (14:11:17): ... which graph we think a model of this would produce...
irene_anne_lee (14:11:25): okay so here we go
irene_anne_lee (14:12:00): a) tennis player hits a lob shot
pamrdoodle2002 (14:12:19): b
irene_anne_lee (14:12:20): which graph?
irene_anne_lee (14:12:26): why?
mavisyazzie (14:12:43): I know I am late, so could you give me a little update. (sorry) I am totally lost
pamrdoodle2002 (14:12:58): cause the ball should go up a bit once hit then come back down
irene_anne_lee (14:13:08): Hi Mavis, we are looking at problem #1 at
pamrdoodle2002 (14:13:11): maybe not to zero
chtvanob (14:13:26): b - because the point of impact, sends the ball upward
pamrdoodle2002 (14:13:28): but then we can't see how the axes are lable
irene_anne_lee (14:13:28): could g) also describe it going up
irene_anne_lee (14:13:54): I think time goes along the horizontal axis
pamrdoodle2002 (14:14:02): yeah if you are a bad player
irene_anne_lee (14:14:07): ha
pamrdoodle2002 (14:14:08): smile
irene_anne_lee (14:14:23): what do you think Jeff
irene_anne_lee (14:14:42): okay moving on to b)
irene_anne_lee (14:14:58): read it and then come back here
jkraloff2001 (14:14:59): classic parabola
pamrdoodle2002 (14:15:19): hopefully for them d
pamrdoodle2002 (14:15:36): oops c
Information (14:15:49): Off to Tucson
irene_anne_lee (14:15:53): why C?
chtvanob (14:16:39): Initial cost is $100 and goes up $4.00 per item
irene_anne_lee (14:16:44): everyone agree on c?
pamrdoodle2002 (14:16:45): hummmm just a secon
jkraloff2001 (14:17:18): yes
pamrdoodle2002 (14:17:52): well the graph should represent the money made vs. number of caps sold
pamrdoodle2002 (14:18:05): then you would subt off the cost....=profit
irene_anne_lee (14:18:32): I think the questtion asks only for the total cost and not the profit made
pamrdoodle2002 (14:18:47): i know...i want more information...
pamrdoodle2002 (14:19:16): i understand
irene_anne_lee (14:19:22): but yes, if we graphed number sold vs. profit made it would be different
pamrdoodle2002 (14:19:23): still c
irene_anne_lee (14:19:59): okay case c) population of the world
chtvanob (14:20:22): f
jkraloff2001 (14:20:46): Waih it was a but as Malthus said it is f
jkraloff2001 (14:21:07): That was "wish"
irene_anne_lee (14:21:18): jeff can you talk about the difference between a and f
irene_anne_lee (14:22:08): can f become like a?
irene_anne_lee (14:22:14): anyone/
pamrdoodle2002 (14:22:14): jeff, you there? love to hear this
jkraloff2001 (14:22:35): A is like f except it shows that eventually the growth tapers off. What is the horror prediction is b
irene_anne_lee (14:22:57): plague
pamrdoodle2002 (14:23:15): at the far in of the graph you would be able to pick the house of your
irene_anne_lee (14:23:16): nuclear war
jkraloff2001 (14:23:23): overpopulation producing a catastrophe
irene_anne_lee (14:23:45): Jeff, why might growth taper off
irene_anne_lee (14:24:45): hmm let's go on to (d)
jkraloff2001 (14:24:53): there is only so much food and other resources so there is a limit to the size this planet can hold
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irene_anne_lee (14:25:48): could it also come about by the introduction of a predator?
jkraloff2001 (14:26:21): or virus as you suggested
irene_anne_lee (14:26:29): okay now for d
pamrdoodle2002 (14:26:45): c again
irene_anne_lee (14:27:03): why C
jkraloff2001 (14:27:43): I think h because the number of buses needed only "steps up with 40 kids
pamrdoodle2002 (14:27:49): both x and y are increasing at the same amount...also I think that h might represent it
irene_anne_lee (14:28:26): is scale important, couuld c look like h if we zoomed in?
pamrdoodle2002 (14:28:27): when x increases by 40, y increases by 1
irene_anne_lee (14:28:55): so number of kids would be on the horizontal?
pamrdoodle2002 (14:29:13): on h?
mavisyazzie (14:29:32): number of kids is your independent variable, so yes
irene_anne_lee (14:29:56): any one disagree?
irene_anne_lee (14:30:16): lets move on to (e)
pamrdoodle2002 (14:30:20): g
pamrdoodle2002 (14:30:26): definitely
irene_anne_lee (14:31:25): could it also be d because the high tide height changes? or does it stay constant
chtvanob (14:31:35):
pamrdoodle2002 (14:32:00): yes...but if you look at the long haul g represents it better
pamrdoodle2002 (14:32:24): if you are only looking at one month...2 months...yes, d
irene_anne_lee (14:32:49): anyone else know about tides?
pamrdoodle2002 (14:34:10): guess...i'm the expert...scary
irene_anne_lee (14:35:02): guess not. I think g is correct but if d cycled to get larger amplitude again then ...
irene_anne_lee (14:35:17): okay we are on (f)
pamrdoodle2002 (14:35:22): i agree
pamrdoodle2002 (14:35:29): b
pamrdoodle2002 (14:35:42): ...ooops not sure
pamrdoodle2002 (14:35:54): yes...i think so
chtkjohn (14:36:10): i thought the tide changes depending on where the earth is in its rotation around teh sun too. seasonal tides or soemthing like that
pamrdoodle2002 (14:36:15): number of shirts...x and y is price
irene_anne_lee (14:36:16): what do you think Mavis?
mavisyazzie (14:36:25): graph e
irene_anne_lee (14:36:55): can you explain your choice?
mavisyazzie (14:37:11): the higher the price, less students would buy the t-shirts
jkraloff2001 (14:37:33): Since it is the only one going down I would match e, but some items have more of an upside down f pattern
irene_anne_lee (14:37:37): which axis is which
mavisyazzie (14:38:30): number of students is the independent - x axis
pamrdoodle2002 (14:38:40): really i don't think anyone of them is very good
mavisyazzie (14:38:42): right???
jkraloff2001 (14:40:21): I was thinking price as x and number on y
pamrdoodle2002 (14:40:27): you there irene...?
irene_anne_lee (14:40:46): yes I'm here... sorry I'm not moving things along so well today...
irene_anne_lee (14:40:54): so it works either way?
pamrdoodle2002 (14:41:12): hadn't heard from you in a while...just worried...
mavisyazzie (14:41:30): (1student, 1 high price), (2 students, price gets lower), etc
irene_anne_lee (14:41:48): Yes that makes sense Mavis.
pamrdoodle2002 (14:42:03): yes...mavis that makes way good sense...thanks
irene_anne_lee (14:42:17): Jeff what case can you think of that would look like upside down (f)
irene_anne_lee (14:43:51): on to (g) bungee jumping, wheeee!!!
pamrdoodle2002 (14:43:54): fish in a new tank...that hasn't been treated for
pamrdoodle2002 (14:44:04): e
irene_anne_lee (14:44:11): good one pam
mavisyazzie (14:44:31): d
pamrdoodle2002 (14:44:40): that was a real example...too bad for fish at my house
chtvanob (14:44:41): d
irene_anne_lee (14:44:42): explain d mavis
pamrdoodle2002 (14:45:21): oh you are looking at the whole trip???
mavisyazzie (14:45:29): time would be on the x axis and the height on the y axis. As times goes by, the jumper is still bouncing...
pamrdoodle2002 (14:45:31): makes sense
irene_anne_lee (14:45:34): I think so
pamrdoodle2002 (14:45:52): i agree with mavis
jkraloff2001 (14:46:07): irene - I was thinking if the desire was high for the item, it may sales may stay hgih until it reached a "drop off" point [ regarding the f question]
irene_anne_lee (14:46:12): How do bungee jumpers get down after they finish bobbing?
pamrdoodle2002 (14:46:43): ya know...that is a good question...
irene_anne_lee (14:46:53): do they get pulled back up?
pamrdoodle2002 (14:47:24): they would have to...i think
irene_anne_lee (14:47:30): okay last one (h)
chtvanob (14:47:34): The rope is x length based on your weight.
pamrdoodle2002 (14:48:04): without preditors
mavisyazzie (14:48:11): graph f since they mention any predators (exponential growth)
mavisyazzie (14:48:24): sorry, they don't have any predators
pamrdoodle2002 (14:48:37): i agree with you mavis
irene_anne_lee (14:49:07): any other possibilities?
pamrdoodle2002 (14:49:36): with the data seems to be the only possibility
irene_anne_lee (14:49:38): they really did not give us too much info
irene_anne_lee (14:50:12): could it be (d)
mavisyazzie (14:51:02): it couldn't be since the population increased over the years
pamrdoodle2002 (14:51:18): you would need more information
irene_anne_lee (14:51:20): oh sorry I meant (c)\
irene_anne_lee (14:51:58): well I hope this was interesting to you.
jkraloff2001 (14:52:08): I was thinking a because the pond is a limited resource and the population could not get any larger up to a point.
pamrdoodle2002 (14:52:25): thought provoking...haven't done that in a while...with others that were interested
jkraloff2001 (14:52:31): Is the rest of the material from this source this good?
jkraloff2001 (14:52:59): This would be great for a beginning algebra class
irene_anne_lee (14:53:13): Yes I found this to be a good source full of experiments to do as well
pamrdoodle2002 (14:53:17): seems good ...i will use it in my algebra right jeff
irene_anne_lee (14:53:39): So in starlogo it is easy to produce graphs
chtkjohn (14:53:56): I will recommend it to some people I kknow who could use it in class
irene_anne_lee (14:54:02): and sometimes when we see the graph we can get a clear picture of what is going on
mavisyazzie (14:54:03): Great idea to try with my freshmen during their orientation next month! Oh my gosh! What happened to the whole summer?
irene_anne_lee (14:54:26): Well thanks for playing!!!
chtkjohn (14:54:37): thank you!
irene_anne_lee (14:54:38): Celia, what else is going on today.
celiaeinhorn (14:54:40): Watching you all think was neat.
pamrdoodle2002 (14:54:42): thanks irene...may email you this weekend
irene_anne_lee (14:54:49): I will post other MM resources to the site
irene_anne_lee (14:54:57): please email me anytime
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irene_anne_lee (14:55:12): I may not answer for a few hours but will be checking regularly
chidhkratzer (14:55:14): I just talked with NMSU, will email out an update on webct
irene_anne_lee (14:55:20): okay
celiaeinhorn (14:55:25): I think that I will just send the announcements for Tuesday through email.
celiaeinhorn (14:55:49): Please send your reflections to
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celiaeinhorn (14:56:00): You need to go outside and stretch and play!
chidhkratzer (14:56:03):
celiaeinhorn (14:56:07): David,
celiaeinhorn (14:56:14): are you at work for the next while?
chidhkratzer (14:56:21): Till 5:00
celiaeinhorn (14:56:24): My truck is finally done.
celiaeinhorn (14:56:30): could you be on IM till then.
irene_anne_lee (14:56:31): Yeah
irene_anne_lee (14:56:39): Yay I meant
celiaeinhorn (14:56:50): I have sent the announcements for Tuesday.
celiaeinhorn (14:57:10): Will that work David?
celiaeinhorn (14:57:16): Good day!
chtvanob (14:57:28): Have a good weekend everyone!
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chtkjohn (14:59:22): celia, just got booted off again, do we e-mail reflections for today then?
celiaeinhorn (14:59:33): yes
celiaeinhorn (14:59:41): and have a good weekend...
celiaeinhorn (14:59:48): and see you on Tuesday
chtkjohn (15:00:28): Anything else today?
celiaeinhorn (15:00:35): No, my friend
celiaeinhorn (15:00:40): I think the email will work
chtkjohn (15:01:02): Thank you. You have a good weekend too and have fun at the garage building.
chtkjohn (15:01:44): Bye for now.
celiaeinhorn (15:01:57): I hope to...
celiaeinhorn (15:02:01): bye all
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irene_anne_lee (15:05:10): bye
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