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celiaeinhorn (9:31:27): We are getting this down!
celiaeinhorn (9:31:43): Irene, go fer it!
irene_anne_lee (9:32:28): Okay, let'sss start with where we left off..
shirleybirdteach (9:32:41): invite pam?
irene_anne_lee (9:32:45): Wednesday we covered day 1:
created new file
created some turtles
played with simple commands in the turtle command center
wrote a first procedure in observer window
saved project
created a button
changing turtle color
chtkjohn (9:32:49): no voice or some voice?
irene_anne_lee (9:33:08): I'd prefer no voice so we can document all of the conversationn
irene_anne_lee (9:33:28): any questions on what we did on Wednesday?
shirleybirdteach (9:33:54): celia...can you ask pam to join?
celiaeinhorn (9:34:05): (I am, Shirley!)
irene_anne_lee (9:34:14): some people left the conference before I got to saving the project
shirleybirdteach (9:34:17): thanks
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irene_anne_lee (9:34:42): Did everyone save their work? If not, we can easily reimplement
shirleybirdteach (9:34:48): saved
chtkjohn (9:35:01): not saved
betty_strong2004 (9:35:19): not saved
irene_anne_lee (9:35:58): okay, here's the code we wrote in the observer procedure center...
irene_anne_lee (9:36:01): to setup
crt 30
ask-turtles [setshape termite-shape
setc red
fd 10]
celiaeinhorn (9:36:19): (Shirley, Pam is rebooting!)
irene_anne_lee (9:36:50): then you will need to create a button called setup that calls the observer procedure setup
irene_anne_lee (9:38:37): So we will start with the project as it was when we left off.
irene_anne_lee (9:39:06): Please open your saved Starlogo file, or the one you just recreated
irene_anne_lee (9:39:24): Kyla and Betty, are you ready to move on?
betty_strong2004 (9:40:01): yes
irene_anne_lee (9:40:15): great
irene_anne_lee (9:40:35): so now we are going to change our turtles so they have a termite shape
irene_anne_lee (9:41:13): go to the menu bar in the main Starlogo window
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irene_anne_lee (9:41:40): Under window select shape choosee
irene_anne_lee (9:41:47): choser I meant
irene_anne_lee (9:42:16): you should see a selection of shapes to choose from
irene_anne_lee (9:43:17): Who is on? I guess Celia got booted off
alanrayaisc (9:43:33): !
irene_anne_lee (9:43:53): any one else out there?
nickbenn (9:43:56): I'm here
shirleybirdteach (9:44:01): here
nickbenn (9:44:04): Sitting the the back of the room
irene_anne_lee (9:44:36): okay, try double clicking on the ant-like icon
irene_anne_lee (9:45:03): notice it is called termitee-shape
jkraloff2001 (9:45:05): ok]
irene_anne_lee (9:45:14): this is the one we want to use
irene_anne_lee (9:45:31): but firstt, let'ss talk about editting icons
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shirleybirdteach (9:46:06): i didn't have an ant shape
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irene_anne_lee (9:46:29): across the top of the window there is a button to rotate the icon, and mirror it two different ways
jkraloff2001 (9:46:41): it appears the shapes must be named "xxxxx-shape"
irene_anne_lee (9:47:26): then there are buttons to show or change the icon from one size to another for use with the different patch size setups
irene_anne_lee (9:48:01): Okay if you do not have an ant shape you could make one easily
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irene_anne_lee (9:48:40): Jeff, I do nott know if this is a naming convention or a requirementt
irene_anne_lee (9:49:08): my keys are sticking!
irene_anne_lee (9:49:46): to create a new shape click on one of the icon squares that has only a small dot
chtkjohn (9:49:56): sorry, i just barely got back in. do we have starlog up and running?
irene_anne_lee (9:50:24): hi Kyla, yes we have Starlogo up and running and are looking at the code we created on Wed
chtkjohn (9:50:36): thank you
irene_anne_lee (9:51:00): Now we are editting shapes so the turtles can look like termites
irene_anne_lee (9:51:18): okay now we have the shape editting window open
irene_anne_lee (9:51:57): first select the largest of the three squares on the top of the screen that have a dot
irene_anne_lee (9:52:15): This will give us the highest resolution to work with
irene_anne_lee (9:53:06): now using the drawing/painting tools make an ant shape.... or something vaguely resembling one
irene_anne_lee (9:53:30): Oh I almost forgot. click on the turtle shape below the paint can before drawing
irene_anne_lee (9:53:48): what this means is that the icon will take on the color that the turtle is given
irene_anne_lee (9:54:26): If we were to draw in color here instead of in turtles, the turtles would always remain that color
irene_anne_lee (9:54:33): does that make any sense?
alanrayaisc (9:55:12): ?
irene_anne_lee (9:55:57): So I drew 3 circles and 6 legs
irene_anne_lee (9:56:06): okay...let me try again
alanrayaisc (9:56:09): I drew in color instead of in 'turtles'... Should I redo, or am I okay?
irene_anne_lee (9:56:41): you should redo because we are changing the turtles color in code and we want that reflected in the icon
alanrayaisc (9:56:50): ok
irene_anne_lee (9:57:20): now lets press on the arrow button that goes from the large icon to the medium sized icon.
irene_anne_lee (9:57:27): at the top of the screen
irene_anne_lee (9:57:57): and then press the arrow that goes from the medium ssized icon to the smallest icon
irene_anne_lee (9:58:03): what do you see?
betty_strong2004 (9:58:03): Irene, are we suppose to have a colored termite? We already have a termite shape bug (whatever).
irene_anne_lee (9:58:22): I'm showing how to create your own
alanrayaisc (9:58:52): ?
irene_anne_lee (9:59:02): In the editting window it should look like it is made up of little turtles
irene_anne_lee (9:59:18): Alan, do you have a question?
alanrayaisc (9:59:23): ?
irene_anne_lee (9:59:32): ask away!
alanrayaisc (9:59:54): Yes, what SHOULD we see when we change the buttons? I just see squares again...
alanrayaisc (10:00:19): Not the shape I just drew in a smaller scale.
irene_anne_lee (10:02:21): when you press the arrow buttons from largest to medium, the icon should automatically get scaled down to a lower resolution version in the medium sized icon image, again at the top of the window
irene_anne_lee (10:02:56): did anyone else have difficulty with this step/
alanrayaisc (10:03:09): In high resolution, I have my 'ant'. In medium I have four medium turtles in a square. In small I have four large turtles in a square...
alanrayaisc (10:03:22): Did I miss a command to 'compile' or something like that?
betty_strong2004 (10:03:40): its not automatically scaling down. it's only part of the termite with four legs.
irene_anne_lee (10:03:54): okay, you need to press the arrow with a squiggly tail that points from the largest sized icon to the medium sized icon
alanrayaisc (10:04:14): AHA!
irene_anne_lee (10:04:24): cool.
irene_anne_lee (10:04:44): Betty try again
irene_anne_lee (10:05:13): okay alan, do the same scaling down from the medium to the smallest icon button
alanrayaisc (10:05:25): got it.
irene_anne_lee (10:05:28): now lets name the icon
irene_anne_lee (10:06:10): where it says shape name, type termite (we will test to see if it needs the -shape suffix0
irene_anne_lee (10:06:36): also click where it says rotatable/
irene_anne_lee (10:06:44): Rotatable?
irene_anne_lee (10:07:03): press okay
irene_anne_lee (10:07:26): now in the shape chooser window you should have a new shape
irene_anne_lee (10:08:03): Is anyone out there having difficulties?
alanrayaisc (10:08:18): np
irene_anne_lee (10:08:29): go ahead and close the shape chooser window
irene_anne_lee (10:09:03): and look at the Observer procedures center
jkraloff2001 (10:09:31): it seems we do not have to have shape in the name
irene_anne_lee (10:09:31): We need to use the command setshape followed by the shape name
irene_anne_lee (10:09:48): correct Jeff... we will see if it is required or not
irene_anne_lee (10:10:06): where should we add it in the code? anyone answer
shirleybirdteach (10:11:41): in the setup for turtles?
irene_anne_lee (10:12:48): do you mean in the observer procedure setup?
shirleybirdteach (10:13:17): no turtle
jkraloff2001 (10:13:37): in observer it must be in the brackets after ask-turtle
irene_anne_lee (10:13:59): well we could create a turtle procedure to do it but let's add it where jeff described
irene_anne_lee (10:15:16): so during 'setup" the turtles are created. Then we ask each of the newly creeated turtles to set their color, shape, and take steps forward
irene_anne_lee (10:16:19): give it a try then press the setup button and see if you get the termite shape
irene_anne_lee (10:16:43): do you see your termittes? are they red?
alanrayaisc (10:17:09): yes
irene_anne_lee (10:17:40): mine were tiny, should have drawn them bigger in the shape editor
betty_strong2004 (10:17:41): no, nothing. There's an error message
irene_anne_lee (10:17:56): what error msg did you get?

(Missing a few minutes here)
betty_strong2004 (10:23:37): yes, we were trying to outsmart the program by starting over with a new button setup. but now we can't get rid of the first button.
irene_anne_lee (10:24:07): Click and drag the first button over to the trash can in the top right hand corner
irene_anne_lee (10:24:12): presto
betty_strong2004 (10:24:41): got it
irene_anne_lee (10:24:43): great
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irene_anne_lee (10:25:15): can someone tell another way to alter the patches
irene_anne_lee (10:26:16): we could ask the turtles to create colored patches for us!
irene_anne_lee (10:26:41): so lets go over to the turtle procedure center
nickbenn (10:26:44): Helpful turtles
irene_anne_lee (10:27:13): and start a new turtle procedure that gets the turtles to do the drawing for us
irene_anne_lee (10:27:28): call it patch-setup (as in the tutorial)
irene_anne_lee (10:27:55): so it is a procedure so it needs what keywords
irene_anne_lee (10:28:02): or syntax
alanrayaisc (10:28:29): to ?
irene_anne_lee (10:28:34): right
irene_anne_lee (10:28:46): and end with end. so it should look like
irene_anne_lee (10:29:03): to patch-setup ..... end
irene_anne_lee (10:29:08): ...... means new line
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irene_anne_lee (10:29:49): okay, the turtles draw on the patches using the stamp command
irene_anne_lee (10:30:06): itt looks like stamp followed by the color name
irene_anne_lee (10:30:16): so we will use stamp yellow
irene_anne_lee (10:30:52): but we want the turtles to color the canvas in a random fashion
irene_anne_lee (10:31:11): any ideas how we would do this?
alanrayaisc (10:31:44): random turns, random moves, then stamp.
irene_anne_lee (10:32:00): yes great idea
irene_anne_lee (10:32:14): how many times should each turtle do this?
alanrayaisc (10:32:17): But you'd have to limit the stamping...
betty_strong2004 (10:33:09): hello?
irene_anne_lee (10:33:12): Here's the code provided in the tutorial (that does just what Alan suggested)
irene_anne_lee (10:33:34): to patch-setup
repeat 50 [seth random 360
jump random 200
stamp yellow]

irene_anne_lee (10:33:48): yikes, that didn't format well at all
irene_anne_lee (10:33:59): to patch-setup
irene_anne_lee (10:34:06): repeat 50 [
irene_anne_lee (10:34:15): seth random 360
irene_anne_lee (10:34:27): jump random 200
irene_anne_lee (10:34:35): stamp yellow
irene_anne_lee (10:34:39): ]
irene_anne_lee (10:34:40): end
irene_anne_lee (10:35:22): so the repeat command repeats all the commands inside the square brackets 50 times
irene_anne_lee (10:35:54): within the brackets what happens? anyone?
irene_anne_lee (10:36:47): seth means set heading (or the direction you are pointing)
irene_anne_lee (10:37:16): direction 0 is straight up or North .....
alanrayaisc (10:37:54): ?
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irene_anne_lee (10:38:03): instead of "seth random 360" they could have used "rt random 360"
irene_anne_lee (10:38:19): what do you think the difference is between seth and rt /
irene_anne_lee (10:38:33): Alan, what 's your question?
alanrayaisc (10:38:42): "Your project did not compile successfully. Button will work when problem is corrected"
irene_anne_lee (10:39:31): hmm, did you type in the patch-setup procedure?
alanrayaisc (10:39:38): yep
irene_anne_lee (10:40:02): did your code compile prior to adding the new code?
irene_anne_lee (10:40:32): did you try to use patch-setup in the observer setup?
alanrayaisc (10:40:36): Yes... It drew the original termites...
alanrayaisc (10:40:48): And I did it in observer procedures.
irene_anne_lee (10:41:27): okay, the patch-setup procedure is a turtle procedure so it needs to go in the turtle procedure center
alanrayaisc (10:41:38): ah.
alanrayaisc (10:42:19): Got it. Now I'm VERY yellow...
irene_anne_lee (10:42:36): how about everyone add the patch-setup code in and then push itt to see if the program compiles
irene_anne_lee (10:43:09): Next we need to call the turtle procedure from within the observer setup (or we could add another button to call it)
irene_anne_lee (10:43:32): so hop on back to the observer procedures
irene_anne_lee (10:44:17): and we want to tell the turtles to run the patch-setup procedure
irene_anne_lee (10:44:20): how do we do this?
irene_anne_lee (10:44:40): any ideas?
irene_anne_lee (10:45:32): okay, we will need to use the ask-turtles command again
irene_anne_lee (10:46:27): so lets add ask-turtles [patch-setup] after the end of the previous ask-turtles [ ]
irene_anne_lee (10:47:29): Pam, do you think we could have put the patch-setup within the first ask-turrtles command?
irene_anne_lee (10:49:27): In this case, patch-setup could go into the previous ask-turtles or in another ask-turtles [ ] .
irene_anne_lee (10:49:46): In some cases you may want it separate
irene_anne_lee (10:50:01): okay if try the setup button now
irene_anne_lee (10:50:14): any questions?
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irene_anne_lee (10:51:09): Next step is to add termite behaviors
irene_anne_lee (10:51:34): the termites walk around until they find a woodchip (yellow patch)
irene_anne_lee (10:51:52): then they "pick up" the woodchip
irene_anne_lee (10:52:05): then they look for a place to put it down
irene_anne_lee (10:53:03): and then they drop the woodchip
irene_anne_lee (10:53:27): each one of these behaviors can be written as a separate procedure
irene_anne_lee (10:54:00): Kyla, why do you think they should be separate procedures?
irene_anne_lee (10:54:56): anyone?
Information (10:54:57): Thanks, but no thanks.
pamrdoodle2002 (10:54:57): because really they are separate activities...just all put together
irene_anne_lee (10:56:05): right they are separate activities and the termites need to continue trying to find a woodchip before they pick up a woodchip.
irene_anne_lee (10:56:48): In other words, the "search-for-chip" procedure may need to be called multiple times before moving on to the next step.
irene_anne_lee (10:57:07): does that make sense?
pamrdoodle2002 (10:57:08): makes sense
alanrayaisc (10:57:20): gottcha
irene_anne_lee (10:57:36): So what should happen during "search-for-chip'?
alanrayaisc (10:57:58): random movements until a chip is found
irene_anne_lee (10:58:09): yes
irene_anne_lee (10:58:32): how will the termites find chips
alanrayaisc (10:59:04): Movement, then a procedure for the termite to 'ask' if they have encountered a chip?
pamrdoodle2002 (10:59:09): when they come to a yellow patch
pamrdoodle2002 (10:59:19): or a woodchip patch
irene_anne_lee (10:59:20): yes very good!
irene_anne_lee (11:00:03): so we want them to wander around.... what code could we reuse from the other day to make them wander around?
pamrdoodle2002 (11:00:14): wiggle
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irene_anne_lee (11:00:21): Absolutely!
irene_anne_lee (11:00:33): Is wiggle an observer or turtle procedure/
pamrdoodle2002 (11:00:42): turtle
irene_anne_lee (11:00:51): yup let's add it in
irene_anne_lee (11:01:58): to wiggle ... rt random 50 ... lt random 50 ... fd 1.... end
irene_anne_lee (11:02:07): let's make sure we still can compile (meaning we have not just introduced an error)
irene_anne_lee (11:02:24): press the setup button
irene_anne_lee (11:02:48): so even though the wiggle procedure has not been called yet we can see that it compiles at least.
irene_anne_lee (11:03:32): okay... the command pc returns the color of the patch the turtle is stepping on
irene_anne_lee (11:04:05): so how would we use pc to figure out if the turtle is stepping on a woodchip?
pamrdoodle2002 (11:04:32): if = yellow...stamp black
irene_anne_lee (11:04:37): yes
pamrdoodle2002 (11:04:50): if = black...keep looking
irene_anne_lee (11:05:03): so let's write this new "search-for-chip" procedure
pamrdoodle2002 (11:05:08): but that last one needs to be another procedure
pamrdoodle2002 (11:05:18): for chip one
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irene_anne_lee (11:05:33): to search-for-chip
irene_anne_lee (11:05:42): if pc = yellow
irene_anne_lee (11:05:52): [
irene_anne_lee (11:05:58): stamp black
irene_anne_lee (11:06:08): jump 20
irene_anne_lee (11:06:14): stop
irene_anne_lee (11:06:17): ]
irene_anne_lee (11:06:28): wiggle
irene_anne_lee (11:06:37): search-for-chip
irene_anne_lee (11:06:42): end
pamrdoodle2002 (11:07:12): perfect
irene_anne_lee (11:07:30): now some interestingn things are going on in this procedure
irene_anne_lee (11:07:43): but we will have tot gett to that discussion another time
irene_anne_lee (11:07:52): it is past noon already
pamrdoodle2002 (11:07:55): y
betty_strong2004 (11:07:56): since we were off, but we'll go through the tutorial again this evening.
irene_anne_lee (11:08:05): here's something to think about
irene_anne_lee (11:08:30): what happens when search-for-chip calls itself
alanrayaisc (11:08:58): movement, then yellows dissappear.
pamrdoodle2002 (11:09:41): it goes through the procedure until if finds a chip...once it does that you must have another procedure
pamrdoodle2002 (11:09:59): to find-new-pile
pamrdoodle2002 (11:10:10): or something lie that named
pamrdoodle2002 (11:10:32): but...we are supposed to go to lunch now and think about that later...right?
irene_anne_lee (11:10:39): right
pamrdoodle2002 (11:10:48): bye...thanks irene
irene_anne_lee (11:11:05): I gotta to run... I'm available by email over the weekend
pamrdoodle2002 (11:11:12): thanks
alanrayaisc (11:11:15): Thanks, and bye.
irene_anne_lee (11:11:18):
Information (11:11:18): pamrdoodle2002 has left the conference.
irene_anne_lee (11:11:21): bye all
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