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AiS Challenge

AiS Challenge Project Evaluation Schedule

The schedules are subject to change so please check back during the week of your evaluation for last minute changes.
Contact Consult if you have difficulty with your assigned time or location.
Eastern New Mexico University, Portales NM
February 5, 2005
Location: University Computer Center, room UCC 204

  Dr. Tom Brown,
  Dr. Young Cho,
  Dr. Anthony Schroeder,

 9:30 am  Team 20 Clovis High, Big Bang Theory NO SHOW
10:00 am  Team 23 Clovis High, effective defense against hacking tools NO SHOW
10:30 am  Team 32 Lovington High, World Hunger
11:00 am  Team 08 Alta Vista MS, Trupac Structures
11:30 am  Lunch
 1:00 pm  Team 36 Melrose High, Communicating With Heliographs
 1:30 pm  Team 37 Melrose High, D-B RANCH
 2:00 pm  Team 38 Melrose High, statistical analysis of a basic card deck
 2:30 pm  Team 39 Melrose High, Going With the Flow
 3:00 pm  Team 40 Melrose High, Velocity Of Different Objects
 3:30 pm  Team 41 Melrose High, putting payloads into space

Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, NM February 5, 2005 Host: Anita Gerlach, Location: rooms A21 and A22 Judges: Sharon Deland, Larry Donahue, Drew Einhorn, Tom Laub, 9:00 Team 15 Capshaw MS, Hot Topic 9:30 Team 24 Desert Academy, Optimization of Acceleration in a Coil Mass Driver 10:00 Team XX 10:30 Team 31 Los Alamos High, An Investigation into the Physics of Combustion and Efficiency NO SHOW 11:00 Team 43 Monte Del Sol Charter School, simulating a community of suicidal teens NO SHOW 11:30 Team 44 Monte Del Sol Charter School, Genetically Modified Plants 12:00 Lunch 1:00 Team 56 Santa Fe High, Calculating the Probabililty of Down Syndrome 1:30 Team 58 Santa Fe High, The Profitablity of Games of Chance 2:00 Team 59 Santa Fe High, spread of influenza 2:30 Team 46 Moon Dance Home School, World Population NO SHOW 3:00 Team 92 ???Santa Fe Indian School, pooling water
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM February 5, 2005 Host: Shaun Cooper, Location: Computer Center Building, room 132 Judges: Berry Estes, Ruben Guadiana, Dennis Padilla, Joe Watts, 9:30 Team 02 Alamogordo High, photoelectric effect 10:00 Team 17 Chaparral MS, mystery about the Bermuda Triangle 10:30 Team 80 Silver High, Mathematical Analysis of the AIDS Virus 11:00 Team 81 Silver High, Gambling Addiction Related to Personality 11:30 Team 82 Silver High, The Rhythm of Hailstones XX:00 Team 01 Alamogordo High, Encryption Application of Young's Double-Slit Experiment XX:00 Team 89 Cliff High, How do disasters affect society and economies?
San Juan College, Farmington, NM February 12, 2005 Host: Alex Struk, Location: Computer Science Building, rooms 7221 and 7222 Judges: Dennis Padilla, Joe Watts, Shah Ardalan, Paull Holmes, Lawrence Jones, 8:30 Team 66 Shiprock High, Global Warming 9:00 Team 64 Shiprock High, Destitution 9:30 Team 65 ???Shiprock High, Gambling 10:00 Team 67 ???Shiprock High, Effect of Marijuana 10:30 Team 26 Farmington High, The Sound of Encryption 11:00 Team 91 Bloomfield High, Getting a Clue about the Flu X:XX Team 47 Navajo Prep, bioremediation on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula X:XX Team 48 Navajo Prep, probability of malaria infection X:XX Team 49 Navajo Prep, model an internal combustion engine Team 61 ???Shiprock High, Aplastic Anemia Team 62 ???Shiprock High, Arthritis Team 63 ???Shiprock High, Children's Asthma Team 68 ???Shiprock High, Water Pollution Team 69 ???Shiprock High, Forensic Science
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM February 19, 2005 Host: Sandy Carter-Mayes, Location: CIRT, rooms 2001, 2115, 2116, and 2156. Judges: Judges: Drew Einhorn, Michael Trahan, Erik Debenedictis, Eleanor Walther, Max Lazo, Atty Mullins, 9:00 Team 03 Albuquerque Academy, Simulating Solar System Formation Theories Team 04 Albuquerque Academy, Tracking Cancer Development and Movement 9:30 Team 05 Albuquerque Academy, encrypt a plain text message Team XX 10:00 Team 10 Bosque School, Shining Light on Dark Matter Team 11 Bosque School, Modeling the Spread of Radiation From A Dirty Bomb 10:30 Team 12 Bosque School, Modeling AIDS Spread and Control in South Africa Team 13 Bosque School, Traffic Flow in the Bosque School Parking Lot 11:00 Team 14 Bosque School, World Population Growth Team 25 Eldorado High, Adaptive Handwriting Recognition and Identification 11:30 Team 57 Santa Fe High, Predator Prey Model Encorporating Migration Team 28 Highland High, Does dark matter matter? 12:00 Lunch 1:00 Team 33 Manzano High, statistical analysis of parallel code Team 34 Manzano High, simulation/video game of an ant colony 1:30 Team 35 Manzano High, Paintballing Team 50 Rio Rancho High, Fire in the Bosque 2:00 Team 52 Rio Rancho Mid High, MODELING VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS Team 51 Rio Rancho High, emergency evacuation NO SHOW 2:30 Team 53 Rio Rancho Mid High, decrease in the Mexican Owl Team 93 Rio Rancho Mid High,Tic Tac Toe Time
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM February 26, 2005 Host: Mike Topliff, Location: Speare Building, rooms 4 and 116 Judges: Dorothy Ashmore, Janie Enter, Berry Estes, 9:00 Team 54 Sandia Prep, computer viruses 9:30 Team 55 Sandia Prep, Modeling and Predicting the Spread of Smallpox 10:00 Team 85 Socorro High, encription program
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