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AiS Challenge

2004-2005 AiS Challenge Final Reports

The submission deadline for your report was NOON on April 6th. Thank you to all who submitted their reports on time!

See the Final Report Guidelines for specific information.

See last year's final reports in the archive.

     If you've submitted a final report, make sure you confirm your housing arrangements for the Expo/Awards Ceremony in Los Alamos.

Final Reports


Reports Submitted:

Albuquerque Academy

Bloomfield High

Bosque School

Capshaw Middle School

Eldorado/Manzano High

Farmington High

Highland High

Manzano High

Melrose High

Rio Rancho High

Rio Rancho Mid-High

Sandia Prep

Santa Fe High

Shiprock High

Silver High

HTML Reports Submitted:

04 A Computer Program for Tracking Cancer Development and Movement

10 Shining Light on Dark Matter

25 Adaptive Handwriting Recognition and Identification

26 The Sound of Encryption

66 Local Power Plant Follies

80 Statistical Modeling of the AIDS Virus

81 Social Influences Involved in Teenage Gambling Behavior

82 The Rhythm of Hailstones

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