Team: Levi Blackstone and Matthew Woller
Area of Science: Computer Science (Encryption)
School: Alamogordo High School
Title: Encryption Application of Young's Double-Slit Experiment

Our initial idea was to use the observed interferences of Young's Double Slit Experiment to manipulate data for encryption purposes. After collecting more information about the topic as well as feedback from our abstract, we have learned that the interference itself has only been observed and exact formulae describing this behavior have not yet been derived. However, formulae have been created to describe the distribution of electrons after they have hit the screen behind the slits. We also have found a source that explains possible future appllications in encryption based on this property (Modern Cryptography and the RSA Cryptosystem).

Based on this information, we may scale back our emphasis on the wave interference property. Instead, we will try to approximate the results found in this experiment with existing fomulae, potentially combining this with preexisting methods of encryption. Based on our research, we believe that the wave interference pattern could be a very useful encryption technique.

We have held off on the coding portion of our project so far so that we can solidify our idea first and then code it more efficiently. However, we consider ourselves to be fairly experienced programmers and should be able to complete the coding portion of the project within a reasonable time frame.