AiS Challenge Team Interim Report

Team Number:    014

School Name:      Bosque School

Area of Science:  Social Science

Project Title:        World Population Growth

 In 20 years the population is going to most like going to be outrageous. The population on 12/02/04 at 2:06:13 EST PM the population was 294,889,845* in the US. This is the population we are going to be working off of during the course of this project. We are going to incorporate several variables into our model in order to get a fairly accurate model of what the United State's population is going to be in the next 20 years. These variables include murder, suicide, war, old age, and disease.
 Using starlogo we will use single agents to represent 50 people. The agents will multiply and die changing the population every second. We expect to run into difficulties incorporating the previously stated variables, but will try.
 We have run into several bumps over the past few months which has led us to change our source code from Java to Starlogo. What we have been doing over the past few months has consisted of manly research on our project and experimenting with Java trying to learn the code.
 Our expected solution of what the population will be in 20 years is going to be far to large to be held in one country, to our present day minds. It would seem like it was the population of an entire continent. The number that we expect the population to be is about 5,460,819,684. Our previous history teacher estimates that the population will be about 500,000,000 in the next 20 years.

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