Team Number:47
School Name: Navajo Preparatory School
Area of Science: Environmental Science
Team Members: Morningstar Blackhorse, Machiavellia Etsitty

Problem Definition

Our problem is to find out how much the difference is cost would be for the bioremedication in the summer than in the winter in Alaska. The site we are researching is in Kenai, Alaska located on the Kenai Peninsula. In 1992, the site was contaminated with 600-700 parts per million (ppm) of hydrocarbon contamination. The contaminated soil extended over 1,030 cubic yards. The site was treated with the different bioremediation solutions/treatments that varied in cost according to the amount/size needed to clean up the area.

Proposed Solution:

Our solution is to find out the cost for bioremediation in the winter and also for the summer. We will calculate how much each bioremediation treatment costs for the different types of contamination over the entire site.

Current Progress:

Our group is currently in the process of researching the totoal cost of bioremediation in the summer, and comparing it to the total cost in the winter. While researching we have discovered that there are different kinds of solution to treating the soil at the Kenai Peninsula. We will then make a table that will show the different solutions in treating the contamination.

Expected Results:

Our group is expecting the total cost of the winter to be less that the total cost in the summer. This is because the Alaska climate may slow down the process in the winter than in the summer due to the weather.


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