Interim Report Team Number: 053 School Name: Rio Rancho Mid-High Area of Science: Wildlife Simulation Project Title: Modeling Hopes for the Future of Wildlife Problem Definition: Over time as humans expand certain species of animals seem to decrease. The question is does the increase in human population really affect the populations of those species of wildlife. Or does human expansion affect the animals the least? The problem faced in our experiment is to create a simulation of the population fluctuations of two endangered bird species and humans in a certain area to see if a pattern is formed. Whether it is a decrease or increase in human or bird populations, or if there should be no relation what so ever. Our goal is to see if the populations should affect each other and if a pattern of interaction should form to see if further decrease in these populations can be prevented. A logistic model of interspecific competition will be made using the Lotka-Volterra model of interspecific competition dN/dt = r N (K-N)/K. Problem Solution: In order to find a solution for our problem research shall be done on the history, and populations of the area of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and on the bird species of the Bald Eagle and Mexican Spotted Owl. The research shall mainly be done on the internet, but historical information may be researched at a local library. To solve our problem we plan to track the population changes of the area and bird back twenty years. With this information and information on the population growth in Santa Fe, we can determine whether or not there is a pattern between the three. If a pattern should occur the next step is to use Star logo in order to show the pattern and predict what may happen to the populations as we simulate twenty more years. Progress to Date: We have tried to gather as much information as possible through the internet and the Department of Fishing and Game. So far, our information alone is not enough to find out the population growth of the birds within a twenty day period. So plans are to do research based more on the populations in a specific area Expected Results: If results are as hypothesized the populations of the animals and humans will show a pattern which will be able to be simulated with Star logo. There is also hypothesized to be a decrease in the animal populations as the human populations grow and expand. Bibliography: US Fish and Wildlife Service Ward, Pat . Mexican Spotted Owl. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 12/16/04 . author unknown, The American Bald Eagle. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 12/16/04 .