The Multi-Dimensional Encryption of Data

Team: 5


Area of Science: Computer Science

Abstract: Team Members:
Wesley Smalls
Marina Turner

Project Title:
The Multi-Dimensional Encryption of Data

Our team is attempting to utilize a multi-dimensional array to encrypt data in a way that would be almost impossible to decipher.

Our team's aim is to create a dynamic encryption program that will not only alter the data that is being encrypted, but that will also safely and effectively scramble the data to further protect against unwanted prying. Our project is important because encryption, a way to both hide and protect data, is indispensable to many people, not to mention countries, all over the world. Encryption ensures security at the highest level, because only the people with the proper clearance (password), can unlock the message that has been encrypted.

First, we will research existing encryption methods and apply those that prove useful to our program design. After researching, we plan to create two test programs that will deal with the two separate aspects of the final program: the alteration, and the scrambling of the data. The final program will feature both of the main aspects of the prototype programs. It will assign a text message to a dynamic array, alter the data via an algorithm based on a password provided by the user, remove the data from the array in a different order than it was entered, and write the data to a file. This file can then be decrypted using the password that the user provides at decryption time.

Team Members:

  Wesley Smalls

Sponsoring Teacher: Jim Mims