Battle of the Kingdoms

Team: 12


Area of Science: Environmental Science

Abstract: In today's society, many people are voicing their concern over deforestation. In addition to this, the human population is also growing. Plants provide the oxygen we need to survive. If the plants continue to be wiped out, our supply of oxygen will dwindle. Is the oxygen supply of the Earth in danger, and, if so, when will it begin to have an effect?

For obvious reasons, this is an important issue. In the interest of the future of our planet, we felt it necessary to research more on this topic. We are going to use Java, C++, or StarLogo to model this predator-prey relationship. We hope that people will come to realize the seriousness of this issue and take whatever precautions are necessary to prevent it.

We plan to:

-Design a simplified model to establish a code to build on.
-Acquire an estimate of the current human population.
-Determine the birth/death rates of human beings.
-Find the surface area of plant life required to support one human.
-Approximate the surface area of vegetation on planet Earth.
-Observe our data and incorporate our findings into computer algorithms to bring forth results.
-Analyze our results to obtain a conclusion.

Team Members:

  Craig Mayberry
  Jeffrey Heidenreich
  Ashley Durham
  Jessica MacKinnon
  Kathryn Moore

Sponsoring Teacher: Randall Gaylor