Force six hurricanes

Team: 13


Area of Science: geology

Abstract: A lot of research has been put into the study of hurricanes and their wind speeds. Virtually no research has been conducted to determine the effects of a force six hurricane or if they are even possible. Information regarding the possibilities of force six hurricanes could prove very useful as hurricanes and their speeds are increasing dramatically each year.

Our program will use the data collected from force five and lower hurricanes to predict the power and damage a force six hurricane may be able to cause. Our program will be java or star logo based and use collected information as variables to come up with the power of a force six hurricane or higher. A super computer will be needed to conduct the program to calculate the exact wind speeds and damage the hurricane can cause because of tremendous numbers and variables.

Team Members:

  alex orth
  Brenda Porras
  Marisol Garcia
  Alex Sifuentes
  Benny Valenzuela

Sponsoring Teacher: Jim Orth