Modeling World Oil Consumption

Team: 19


Area of Science: Petroleum and Economics

Abstract: We are planning to study oil consumption. We will look at the imports and exports of the major countries. The point of our study is to cover how much oil is consumed and imported in a year, as well as model the cost and expense of the making and selling a barrel of oil. We want to put into perspective what uses oil, and how much it uses. We want to really see how important oil is. We are also going to add in a factor of supply and demand, we can get an estimate of how much each country is producing a day, and then model how much each country imports a day. The price of the importation and the exportation of oil, surprisingly enough, effects how people do things, whether or not they go out to eat, go to a movie, or just go for a drive. Oil effects all of our lives, whether we know it or not, oil makes our modern world tick. In order to model this problem we think it best to use C++. This is a new programing language for us, but we hope to learn as much about it as we can, and be able to apply the language properly to our problem.

Team Members:

  Boe Watters
  Tanner Campbell

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen