Destruction from the Air

Team: 20


Area of Science: meteorology

Abstract: We are interested in the effects that different category hurricanes have on different sized cities, such as a category 5 hurricane will have on the city of Los Angeles. We will also be testing the effect that Category 1, 2, 3, and 4 hurricanes will have on cities such as Garden City, Santa Fe, New York, Orlando, Annapolis, and other cities.

We will gather data on hurricane effects, and the destruction that has happened in the past to such cities as listed above. We will then draw a map of different sized hurricanes and the cities we will make the hurricane hit. We think that this project is both informative and a good guide to what might happen in the future when a hurricane might hit one of the cities that we have listed above. We will be using an animation program that will allow us to make virtual maps, and to act out the destuction that will come from our hurricanes. We would like to be able to make a prediction based on the city and the size of the hurricane.

Team Members:

  Emily Mazer
  Alex Brown

Sponsoring Teacher: