Balloon Fiesta Traffic

Team: 22


Area of Science: Mass Egress

Abstract: We are planning on creating a faster way to get people un and out of the parking lot at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fieata during the peak hours. We will try to find a different route that is faster and more efficient. We will look at the flow patterns througt the parking lot and the wait time.

We have to find a map of the parking lot to better comprehend the previously determined routes, the number of exits, and what major roads the exits lead to and how much traffic those major roads have at the time of mass egress. We are planning on talking to a balloon fiesta coordinator/offical to see what traffic problems are biggest and the average ammount of traffic.

We are planning on working with star logo to model this problem.

Team Members:

  Nicholas Rienstra
  Gabriela Seebinger
  Hannah Lester
  Danielle Rabold

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen