Heating Up Hurricane Havoc

Team: 24


Area of Science: Environmental Science


Problem Definition:

Does decreasing global warming effect the intensity of the oncoming hurricanes? Is the warmer water helping create the deadly hurricanes that batter our southern coast?


We are trying to achieve absolute understanding of how global warming effects the magnitude of the hurricanes. By observing the present state of the protective layer as well as the strength of the continuous hurricanes we can predict how long it will take for the UV layer to completely disintegrate and for our oceans to produce massive troubles for our country.

Plan of Action

We plan to spend many of our meetings researching about both the hurricane and Global Warming. After we have concluded the exact relationship between the two actions, we will model a hurricane using different temperatures of the ozone layer. Hopefully this will model an authentic hurricane.

Team Members:

  Jessica Stultz

Sponsoring Teacher: Makoena Simon