How immunization can stop spread of the flu virus

Team: 25


Area of Science: Immunization

Abstract: How Immunization Can Stop The Spread of The Influenza (Flu) Virus

In our super computer class we are modeling the spread of the Flu virus in a seventh grade population/ middle school. This model will show how immunization stops the spread of the Flu virus. This would be a good computer experiment because it would be too dangerous to go around giving people shots and see if they work. We intend to learn how immunization can cure the Flu virus. In this project we will research how immunization can stop the spread of the Flu virus. For our project we will observe and collect data. We will model the spread by calculating the factors which take place in the spread and stop it. The variables tested will help us understand better how immunization can stop a spread of virus or sickness such as the Flu virus. To model our project we will use a computer program to test and calculate the way a spread like the Flu can be stopped.

Team Members:

  Reba Gunnuscio
  Andrea Lozano
  Larry Burney
  Willa James

Sponsoring Teacher: Makoena Simon