Global warming

Team: 29


Area of Science: earth and space science

Abstract: Global warming and
The future of New Mexico
Of weather

We are trying to figure out how global warming will affect New Mexico in the future. We want to know what the weather patterns will be like if the rate of change in global warming continues. This is something that we should be concerned about. Global warming is a serious issue; it can't be left without being supervised?
Global warming affects all the areas in New Mexico. It seems to be that these areas are getting warmer and warmer in every time laps. Our purpose is to figure out how global warming will affect us in our area. Also we are in the intent of figuring out the weather patterns. Other purposes for our projects are to try to make a model to predict the weather patterns in the future.
To work on this we will gather information to get more adept into our problem. This information will assist us in figuring out how global warming is and will affect our area of New Mexico. Also we will use a computer program to simulate our program and see what would occur if global warming continues progressing. This is our project.

Team Members:

  Miguel Favela
  James Miller
  Juan Solis
  Christopher Megliorino

Sponsoring Teacher: Carl Bogardus