Egressing the Titanic

Team: 30


Area of Science: Behavioral Science

Abstract: Problem: We are looking at the problems that faced the crew of the Titanic, and researching the possibility of a successful egress if the ship was equipped with the proper equipment. We are looking at crew training and an egress plan to see if there was enough staff to man the lifeboats and carry out an effective escape plan.

Purpose: The purpose of our project is to recreate the sinking of the Titanic with the proper equipment to egress the ship. We want to design a program that would show how proper training would have allowed the crew and the passengers to escape unharmed.

Procedure: We will research the Titanic sinking, and using crew and passenger manifests we will determine the correct amount of life vests and life boats. With this information we will develop a training plan that would put crew members in charge of each ship and facilitate the egress from the ship after the iceberg is struck. We want to develop a simulation program that will show how untrained staff might egress the ship as compared to trained crew members.

Team Members:

Sponsoring Teacher: Diana Richardson