Life is a Gas

Team: 31


Area of Science: Earth and Space Science

Abstract: Life is A Gas

The problem we are trying to solve is does methane gas change the buoyancy of salt water, and can these changes sink a ship.
This is important to know because ships depend on buoyancy to stay afloat in the ocean. Basically we are trying to find if methane gas lowers the buoyancy of water and does this affect the ability of a ship to float. Methane is frozen in the ocean floor. Sometimes it releases methane gas that bubbles to the surface of the ocean that could change the buoyancy of the water.
To test out theory we are going to create a model that will demonstrate any charges in buoyancy due to methane and if these changes will affect the ships ability to stay afloat.

Team Members:

  Stephanie Garcia
  Rafael Ojeda
  Jezheel Flores
  Lluvia Herrera
  Gabriel Ramos

Sponsoring Teacher: Carl Bogardus