Migration of Dairy Waste to Water Table

Team: 33


Area of Science: environmental science

Abstract: We are trying to model how dairies wash their waste unto their fields and how that will affect the water supply underneath the land. We find it vital to do this project and make it work because it may cause serious damage not just to Clovis but those connected to the water supply under Clovis. We hope to stop dairy waste as much as possible and if our project holds true, we will be able to do something about it.
We are currently divided into groups. I, Javier will be taking care of the research over proportions of the waste going into the land and the mathematical calculations and formulas. Anne will be taking care of research devoted to the input of liquids and chemicals in dairies wash, as well as helping Andrew with the c++ and the model of our project. Andrew will be doing the actual model of our project with Anne's help. We have currently gained lots of information on dairy waste and are going to get a mentor.

Team Members:

  Marcus Giannitti
  Andrew Gavere
  Anny Chen
  Javier Portillo

Sponsoring Teacher: Janelle Zamie