Opening Files/Programs Through Speech

Team: 35


Area of Science: Computer Science

Abstract: Opening Files/Programs through Speech

Our Problem:
How to make the opening of programs and files easier and less time consuming. This is a real world problem that will eliminate the activity of searching through the hard drive for the program/file to be opened and eliminate the clutter of desktop shortcuts/icons. With the ability to open the files through a microphone, the user will be able to reduce the time-consuming efforts of searching through many folders to open the files they commonly use.

Our Program:
We will use visual basic to let the user register programs/files to the program and set a voice recording for the file so that when the recording is said by the user, the program/file will open.

It will be the program after completion with already input data to show how the program works.

Team Members:

  Chris Gorman
  Paul Arnold
  Ethan Halliday
  john aspholm

Sponsoring Teacher: Nancy Bugler