Pharmaceutical Mayhem

Team: 37


Area of Science: Hydrology

Abstract: Everyone and every living thing needs water. Here in New Mexico, in the desert, we have a little bit of a problem with water. There is just not enough of it. Our city currently gets water from the ground, but we have realized, not all the water is drinkable. Currently, Albuquerque is looking to use surface water for all our water needs. The problem with this is that surface water is polluted easier then ground water. Some of the pollutants include the usual trash but there are also more. Things that the state doesn't look at are things released into the water trough human waste, such as, the pills that stay in our water for example birth control or Viagra.
Our project is to find out what type of pharmaceuticals stay in the water. How long does it take to break them down over time? What can break them down? How long does it take to naturally break them down over water flow? We will be modeling the way pharmaceuticals pollutes river water.

Team Members:

  Alexander Smith
  Jeremy Harris
  Kelly Lanahan
  colin clausen
  Ryan Mayfield

Sponsoring Teacher: Joseph Vertrees