nothings pure

Team: 38


Area of Science: hydro pollution

Abstract: In our project we will be testing the Rio Grande water for
pollutants. We will be using scientific methods to do this and make it
as accurate as possible. We will be sampling the water, taking simple
steps to the end of our project, at which time we will present it. Our
two main questions are; What's in the river? And, how much of those
things are in there. We will take an analysis two times each week,
labeling down the date, time, water flow, depth and the things in or out
of the water. We will also analyze how much water the city uses a day.
How much does the city use of wastewater? How will hydrology help us
come up with our conclusion?

We will also try and use other people's data in our project, giving them
full credit.

For graphing it we will first use Star Logo, then we may move on to
other programming languages as it gets more complex.

Team Members:

Sponsoring Teacher: Joseph Vertrees