Team: 40


Area of Science: architectural design

Abstract: Abstract


My group and I are trying to solve the problem with our modern day bridges. Though, they are strong and last fairly long we find that bridges today are week and unreliable. We would like to create the ultimate bridge that is made with strong material is long lasting and is still friendly to the environment.


The purpose of our project is to create a bridge that is going to help our society and not hurt the environment around it.

Procedure: step 1: We are going to look up information on bridges to learn how long they last, what there made of, and if they are environmentally safe.
Step 2: we will work with experts in the fields of computer programming and architecture to design a bridge that fits our criteria.
Step 3: then we will present our design to a design engineer to find out if our design will accomplish our goal.

Team Members:

  Jesus Gracia
  Myles Chavez
  Chase LeJeune
  Dylan Fearfield

Sponsoring Teacher: Pat Ferryman