Alligators VS. Pythons

Team: 41


Area of Science: life science

Abstract: Project name:
Alligators vs. Python

Team Members
Brittany Espinosa
Estefany Mendoza
Valentino Stevens
Misty Ortega
Santiago Pohl

Python's consumption of alligators interferes with natural food chain.

Our purpose is to stop owners to releasing their pythons into the wild.

Using research from Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA). We are studying pythons affect on the environment. Using information from MESA we will design a computer program to simulate the damage one python can do to the natural food chain. We further, will design a trap for pythons that will allow relocation to a zoo or a rescue center.

Team Members:

  Santiago Pohl
  Misty Ortega
  brittany espinosa
  valentino stevens

Sponsoring Teacher: Pat Ferryman