Fluid Motion and Wave Dynamics

Team: 45


Area of Science: earth and space science

Abstract: Recent events in the Gulf Coast has elicited the reconsideration of structural design methods and the engineering standards to which protective structures are held, and the forces of nature they are to withstand.

The intention of our project is to provide an accurate simulation of the effects of water and dynamic wave forces that act upon structures such as levees, and by supplying applicable information, aid in the creation and redesign of stronger more capable structures.

We will begin our simulation by using Java, and utilizing algorithms, vectors & other mathematical devices to individually track and project the path of the movement of a water molecule and the relation of it to other molecules to create a uniform and precise replication of fluid motion.

Team Members:

  Nathan Smith
  Jeffrey Wang
  Abraham Sanogo
  Tom Burnham

Sponsoring Teacher: Gregory Marez