Running hot and cold

Team: 59


Area of Science: Thermal dynamics

Abstract: Team Number: 59
School Name:Melrose High School
Area of Science:Thermal dynamics
Project Title:Running Hot and Cold
The project that we are doing is studying the efficiency of Sterling engines. Sterling engines are powered by the expansion of a gas when heated, followed by the compression of the gas when cooled.
We will model the efficiency of sterling engines at different temperature variations in order to determine their practicality. We will use Qbasic to build our model and calculate our results
We also want to build a model of a sterling engine to see which different temperatures would make it run faster.

Team members:
Jessica Cano
Lorenzo Lopez
Amanda Russell
Toby Turner

Sponsoring Teachers:
Allen Duaghtery
Rebbeca Raulie

Project Mentors:

Team Members:

  Toby turner
  Jessica Cano
  lorenzo lopez
  Amanda Russell

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Raulie