We got Scrabble

Team: 62


Area of Science: mathematics

Abstract: Team number 1066

School Name Melrose High School


The project that our group is working is a study on the game of scrabble. This will hopefully give us the ultimate scrabble score. The reason that this is important is because it can change the game of scrabble for everyone. It will seta goal that any one could try to get to. Also, we will be able to see how the computer manipulates data. At first, we will use the computer to randomly generate letters, find the best possible word, and then find the best possible place for the word on a 6 by 6-sized tile board. Once we figure out a way to get the best score on the small board we will see if the program will work on the actual sized board. The program we will use will have a huge number of loops and arrays, due to the complexity and many variations within our project.

Team Members: Teachers:

James Gorley Alan Daugherty

Stephanie Romero Rebecca Raulie

Brian Raulie

Team Members:

  james gorley
  josh radcliffe
  Brian Raulie
  stephanie romero

Sponsoring Teacher:Jennifer Wines