The Ranch

Team: 65


Area of Science: Ecology


Our project this year is a continuance of the previous project last year. Our model will be constructed on the ecology template on StarLogo. This year we will be able to compute in the numbers in StarLogo. Our project is over the ecology of a ranch. In our computer generation we will have multiple variables that we can use to calculate possible scenarios. We will have grass computed in, along with cattle, coyotes, hunters, and probably rabbits. We are sure that farmers and ranchers will be able to use this information for being able to calculate the amount of cattle to raise on a pasture range. The reason we chose this project is because of the dominance of agriculture in all of our lives. 4 of us live on a ranch, while everyone one of us work for farmers. We know the amount of impact this model could have for the surrounding areas.

Team Members
Ramon Arenivar
Call Barnard
Kevin Estes
Bryce Lockmiller
Aaron Belcher
Sponsoring Teacher(s)
Alan Daugherty
Rebecca Raulie
Project Mentor(s)
Alan Daugherty

Team Members:

  Aaron Belcher
  christopher Barnard
  kevin estes
  ramon arenivar
  Bryce Lockmiller

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty