Air Pollution

Team: 69


Area of Science: Environmental Science

Abstract: Will the amount of air pollution change because gas prices are increasing? Farmington air pollution is caused by three power plants which are located about a thirty mile radius from Farmington. The smog is becoming worse every year because of the contamination from the three power plants. Air pollution affects the health of both the animals and the human population. I plan to use measurements that are taken on the Navajo Preparatory School campus and to collect data using the NASA GLOBE program. The program is used to measure the aerosol and ground level ozone. Aerosol is a natural gas that can also be affected by the air pollution. Ground level ozone is combustion of fuels in the air that is caused by vehicles, coal burning power plants and natural gas processing. I will use both methods to show how many molecules of gas there are according to ground level ozone and aerosol testing.

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Sponsoring Teacher: Mavis Yazzie