Soil liquefaction

Team: 82


Area of Science: Eniviromental Sciences

Abstract: The purpose of our project is to assemble an accurate model of the effects of soil liquefaction. Soil liquefaction is the tendency of soil and water surrounding the soil to become a suspension when vibrated, primarily due to tectonic activity. This model will provide an in depth understanding of the process of soil liquefaction and its effects. This is important because soil liquefaction is a major cause of damage during tectonic events.

The team will conduct research to enhance their understanding of the variables involved in soil liquefaction. Our team will then write a computer simulation using information gathered from previous tectonic activity. Once this program accurately models the real world events the team will attempt to apply the model to building design.

Team Members:

  Alexander Clement
  Gregory Fenchel
  Jack Ingalls
  Jayson Lynch
  Jeffrey Fenchel

Sponsoring Teacher: Neil McBeth