Market Analysis Through Artificial Intelligence

Team: 84


Area of Science: Computer Science

Abstract: The objective of our project is to create an artificial intelligence program that is capable of analyzing market trends and conditions of currency exchange rates, and executing trades autonomously based upon pre-programmed behavior.

Using a trading engine, we will analyze historical behavior of the currency exchange market, and refine the trading strategy of our program to allow it to make real time trading decisions based upon a technical market analysis. After the program has proven successful in trading based upon historical data, we will allow it to run for several months, charting its gains and losses, and how it reacts to market conditions and trends.

We plan develop our program through the use of genetic algorithms. Our project is part of the expanding field of artificial intelligence in market analysis, and we aim to improve upon the current lineup of practical, and efficient artificial intelligence programs.

Team Members:

  Sam Olmsted
  Patrick Kerwick

Sponsoring Teacher: Anita Gerlach