Solving World Hunger

Team: 88


Area of Science: Statistics

Abstract: The problem is recognizing a pattern of wasted food in food services industries. This means looking for patterns in all the food that is wasted each day in supermarkets and figuring out a way to either lessen the incoming product or ship out the wasted product to places where it can be used before it is no longer good. The purpose is to find a way to prevent unnecessary hunger, meaning that if there is food, there is no need for it to be wasted. Hopefully, we can figure out a way to get the food to places that need it in time for it to be of use. We plan to go to supermarkets all over Santa Fe and record what products are used most at what time of year, how that affects the wasted product, and other ways to more efficiently use the wasted food.

Team Members:

  Maya Swisa
  Annie Siegel
  Lauren Garcia

Sponsoring Teacher: Anita Gerlach