Scan of the Past

Team: 92


Area of Science: Behavioral and physical science/ anthropology

Abstract: Supercomputing Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 181
Team Member(s): Daniel Pedro
Area of Science: Behavior and Social Science/ Anthropology/ Archaeology
Project Title: "Scan of the Past"

What's the Problem: My problem is to developed method for typing and source of the Native American remains using the skull.

Why You Doing This: In this project I will be looking for the place of origin using the newly found human remain of the Native American tribe. As of right now there is a big conflict in which group of Native American people the human remains belong to. I will be using N.A.G.P.R.A. (Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act) as one of my sources.

What Is Your Purpose: My purpose is to developed method to return the human remains to the right Native American tribe.

What Will Be Your Result: My result is to get a method to computerize a map of a human skull.

What Is Your Plan: My plan is as follows: (note may change in future)
-try and get skull
-Developed computerized method to 3D scan a
human skull (need expert)
1. Get papers on N.A.G.P.R.A and its Regulations.
2. Get expert
3. Get skull
4. Developed program
5. 3D scan of skull
6. Compare known Native American skull to known European skull

Team Members:

  Daniel Pedro

Sponsoring Teacher: Katherine Sallah