Herbaceous Vegetation Study

Team: 94


Area of Science: Botany

Abstract: Team Number: # 430
School Name: Santa Fe Indian School
Area of Science: Botany
Project Title: Herbaceous Vegetation Study

Problem: In the Galisteo River channel on the Santo Domingo Pueblo Indian reservation, there are a large number of Russian Olive and
Salt Cedars that are competing with the native plant species for water. The Russian Olive and Salt Cedars use up a large amount of the available water, and the native species are stressed.

Purpose: The purpose of the Herbaceous Vegetation Study is to determine the total increased quantity growth of the native plant species once the competition from the Russian Olive and Salt Cedars is removed.

Procedure: The steps that I will follow are to measure at least 2 quads 5' X 5' flagged in each corner, one experimental quad and one control quad. I will examine each quad and collect data on the different types of plants and the quantity of each plant within each quad. I will remove Salt Cedar and Russian Olive from the experimental quads in the fall and compare the growth results from both quads in the spring.

Team Members:
Eveli Abeyta

Sponsoring Teachers:
Kate Sallah
Sally Phelps

Project Mentor:
Leif Bang

Team Members:

  Eveli Abeyta

Sponsoring Teacher: Katherine Sallah